Travis In Africa

Caution! Do not get out of the campsite, animal may attact human being.


Welcome to my web site chronicling my 2004 trip to Africa. Please follow through the links below and see what I saw.

Nearly every picture here was taken by me. I took 1052 photos on this trip. 218 have been touched up and used here. In case you were wondering why it took so long to get this web site out there, that's why. But also, my aim was to make this site a narrative first and a photo gallery second. All that writing took time, too.

The photos that come off of my camera are 3008 x 2000. They've been resized down to 800 pixels here. If you want large images (suitable for prints up to about 15" x 10"), feel free to ask.

This site was a ton of work to put together, but it was great fun to relive my experience. I hope you enjoy it!


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All content and photos Copyright 2004 Travis Pettijohn.