Thursday, 1 July

Arusha to Dar Es Salaam

Today was our bus ride back to Dar. We took the Scandinavia Express again, the nice, not overcrowded bus. They sell no more than one ticket per seat. Our bus ride took about ten hours and was uneventful. There was a little confusion as our tickets had different bus numbers written on them. When we asked, an employee just scratched out an rewrote the correct number on one ticket. Problem solved.

In Dar, David went to purchase his ticket for his return trip to Arusha. While in line, we saw a white kid speaking Swahili. Guess what? He was Peace Corps. Stephan was based in Moshi, at the base of Kilimanjaro. We were going to the same hotel, so we shared a cab.

For dinner, the three of us went to the restaurant affectionately known as "Street Chicken." A lot of places there have grills on their front sidewalks. This is one of those places. They sell mostly Chinese food. It was very familiar and comforting to eat. No bone shards to pick out, no question about what animal (or what part of the animal) you were eating.

Back at the hotel, I pawned off some stuff on David to make my packing easier. (Like a sweatshirt David needed more than I did and some waterproof matches. The Tanzanian "Lucky Brand" matches are aptly named: you're lucky if they light. Seriously, they're crap. Some of the matches didn't even have heads. They were just sticks in the box.)

By then, it was late, so we went to bed. Just a travel day.

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