I'm Travis Pettijohn. I'm 23 and live in Champaign, Illinois. My cousin, David Faivre, is in the Peace Corps. He's spending two years in Endasak, Tanzania, teaching math and computers at a secondary school. His parents (my Aunt Pat and Uncle Steve Faivre), sister (Megan Sperling) and brother-in-law (Adam Sperling) flew to London for a vacation. The Faivres live in Illinois and the Sperlings live in California. David flew up from Dar Es Salaam to London to spend ten days with them. I met up with them for the last three days of their trip in London and flew back to Tanzania with David. I spent two weeks there. This is my story.

Tanzania is one of the poorest nations on the planet. It has a per capita GDP of only $600, as opposed to America's $37,800.

Tanzania Map

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