Saturday, 19 June


Saturday morning began early with Megan, Adam and Haniya heading to Cyprus to continue their vacation. We all got up to say goodbye and see them off. I was outside standing on cold concrete in bare feet. A passerby didn't want to give up her shoes when I asked for them (some people are so selfish). We all retired back to our rooms for a bit before having breakfast at our B&B hotel. I had some English Breakfast Tea. We were served toast, beans, bacon, a fried egg and a roasted tomato. A proper English Breakfast.

David and Travis in the Tube Fleet Air Arm The Eye

We figured out the Tube and went to take a walking tour with The Original London Walks company. We took the Old Westminster walk. We passed a statue of a guy wearing wings on our way there. The inscription read, "Fleet Air Arm." We also passed a Ferris wheel known as The London Eye.

Bird Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guards

We got to the meeting point for the walk a little early, so we took a lap around St. James's Park. There's a lake in that park with plenty of wildlife. This bird has some crazy paddle-feet. Buckingham Palace is just past the west end of the park. A Changing of the Guards was about to begin, but we wanted to make it to our walk so we didn't watch it.

Changing of the Guards

We were still early, so we had to stand around and wait for a few more minutes (Photo by David; pictured: Travis, Uncle Steve, Aunt Pat).

Big Ben Houses of Parliment King Charles I

We met up with our walking tour and saw some of the important sights of London. From left to right: Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the place where King Charles I was executed (read the inscription). We also passed Westminster Abbey but they were already closed for the day. Bummer. The talk was full of history. Too much for me. My brain reached its history-in-one-sitting saturation point after about ten minutes...although it was better than just wandering around with a map.

After the tour, we took a walk through the Cabinet War Rooms, the bunker where Churchill ran WWII. They had a nice self-guided audio tour. This was pretty enjoyable.

After our tour, we walked up towards Trafalgar Square to find a place to eat. I had fish and chips. I felt like a Catholic on a Friday during Lent. They had some meat pies on the menu, but a meat pie was third on my "food to eat while in London" list (after fish and chips and Indian food).  According to Aunt Pat, this was probably their worst meal during their trip. It was a touristy pub in a touristy part of town, so I guess that was to be expected. My meal was okay, but then again it's kind of hard to screw up battered, deep-fried fish.

That evening, we went to see Jerry Springer, The Opera. It was a riot! It was about as utterly obscene as The South Park Movie and it made fun of that entertaining trash known as The Jerry Springer Show. The first act was an "episode" of the show. The first guest was a man who had been cheating on his fiancée with his best friend. And also with a transvestite. The second guest was a man who wanted to be his girlfriends baby. "But baby, you are my baby." "No, I want to be your baby." Then he ripped off his clothes and wore only a diaper. Jerry then got shot by one of the first guests whose love had been ruined. The second act took place in Hell, where the devil sought an apology from Jesus with Jerry's help. There were some hilarious songs! It ended with Jerry giving a speech about how the Devil would never get an apology and that the world needs a balance of good and evil. After the show, we went straight to sleep.

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